A Commentary about Anime Today (and Tomorrow) from a (Hopeful) Fan (Part 4 – Anime Industry)

I can go on to criticize anime all I want however, there are real world problems that have led to what I see as a decline of quality over the recent years. It’s not everyday you would stop and think about everything that goes into making, marketing and distributing Anime or ask yourself “why” Anime isn’t as great as it is meant to be. The reality is that the Industry is hitting speed bump after speed bump, and the question is, “How will the Anime Industry continue to thrive?”

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A Commentary about Anime Today from a Tired Fan (Part 3 – Source Material and Plot)

It’s easy to have a look at a shiny new Anime and when you have a look at the title and the plot description, it isn’t exactly appealing at all. The art looks decent enough so sure enough you give it a watch, and after watching it for 5 episodes or less, you drop it to your backlog where all the Anime you never finish go to perish. The show may have an amazing cast of characters with lovely design and outfits however, the story they are in is neither interesting nor captivating enough to have you go the distance.

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A Commentary about Anime Today from a Tired Fan (Part 2 – Character Appearance and Design)

These days it’s not only the character personalities that may be bland and archetypical, the character’s appearance and their name can also be a product of poor design choices. We see a lot of characters not only acting the same through the use of those cardboard cutout personalities, they also look similar if not the same as well. Just under a different name that probably isn’t a good match either, it could be anything that is carelessly slapped on without any relation or link to the character.

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A Commentary about Anime Today from a Tired Fan (Part 1 – Character Personalities)

Anime has somewhat stagnated in recent times and there are very few series that shine like diamonds in the rough that are worth giving attention to. Most of different mixes of ideas and cheap concepts combined with the same old character archetypes just doesn’t leave a great impression on me anymore. As time goes on, It gets harder to disagree with generalisations from the veterans of the industry. Hideaki Anno (the creator of Evangelion) says that “Anime is dying” and also there’s Miyazaki Hayao‘s notion that “Anime was a mistake”. Do these opinions really hold water to the situation now?

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