Hi hi~!  Welcome to my blog! My name is Neul, Nice to meet you! I love Japanese Pop-culture, and Competitive Games and spend most of my spare time dedicated to these interests because my lifespan cannot accommodate for everything I want to do! I tend to write with an optimistic attitude and positive outlook because life’s too short to be angry all the time (maybe I’m mellowing out? Oh noes! I’m getting old!)

I really like to customize, get creative and design things so I tend to doodle a lot in my sketchbook. I’m learning how to draw, write stories, make props and currently am a Design Computing student at the University of Sydney.

An unattainable dream of mine is to soar through the vast skies with a pair of wings on my back and touch the clouds.  My favourite colour is Azure, the colour of the sky. My favourite game is StarCraft II though if you throw me Legacy of the Void, I’ll throw it back at you but if you bring back the good old days of StarCraft II, I’ll love you forever! My favourite Anime in recent times is Shokugeki no Soma and an old one would be Last Exile (both seasons, omg, I wanna live in that world).

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My Motto

The Sky is Freedom. I am Freedom.

Social Media and other Websites

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/neulwing
Pixiv – https://pixiv.me/neulwing


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