I’m not writing anymore.

Life goes on, and times change. I no longer have time to write anything, and I don’t feel like I want to convince anyone to agree with my opinions. There are so many other sites for that kind of stuff, and so many other people who do it better than me. I could improve myself to be able to write to that kind of standard but honestly, I don’t really care enough to warrant improving myself that way.

So I decided to stop, and focus my efforts on mainly Graphics Design and Digital Art. I still have a long way to go. This blog will be where I upload personal projects, designs, artwork, and other random things I do, but I won’t be writing any articles.



Gun Gale Online Version Kirito’s Lightsaber – Kagemitsu G4 STL files for 3D Printing (Free Download)

I cosplayed Kirito GGO Version at SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2017 and I had originally planned to make the lightsaber handle by hand out of PVC Pipe but I ran out of time. The pipes were too hard to fit together and so I decided to 3D print the entire thing instead. Overall it took me just 2 hours to finish, and I tried to make it as close to the actual size as possible given the amount of information I found on Google image search.

If you don’t have a 3D printer, don’t worry! You can use 3D Hubs (https://www.3dhubs.com/) to find a 3D printing service. For me it costed around AU$31 with the 20% student discount.

I hope you enjoy this model I have provided, and I hope to do more 3D models for cosplay in the future for you to print and enjoy.

Good tailwinds!


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Terra Formars verses Real Life – Terraforming Mars, Evolution, and Genetic Modification

In Terra Formars, humanity is plagued by the “Alien Engine Virus” that no one knows how to cure and so a crew of Humans who underwent a procedure to gain extraordinary abilities from various animals in nature will travel to Mars to capture “Terraformars”. These Terraformars are highly evolved cockroaches which supposedly have a link to the virus and so it is hoped that through the study of the Terraformars, a vaccine can be created to save those infected with the virus from dying. When watching the Anime, I simply can’t help but think that there’s more to the backstory than what is described in the events that occurred in the story so far. Perhaps if we analyse the legitimacy of the science of Terra Formars, we might get some insight into some possible plot directions. If the predictions are off, it would still be fun to nitpick on the science in the story anyway.

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Assassination Classroom vs Real Life – Teachers, Learning Environments and Educational Challenges

Warning – This article contains relatively minor spoilers. Please proceed at your own risk.

The over-arching plot in Assassination Classroom is basically, a very powerful and dangerous creature appears out of nowhere and becomes the teacher of class 3-E, the lowest performing class at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. So now the students of 3-E, aka the “End Class” are assigned with the task of killing their own teacher, and thus claim a bounty of 10 billion yen. The plot is quite interesting, as well as the well-developed characters that are supporting it however, there is another aspect of Assassination Classroom I wish to talk about in this article, and that is the apparent message being conveyed to us as viewers. As we see the class grow, develop and overcome challenges, we get a glimpse of the topics related to teachers, students and education that provokes some thought in how we think about teaching and learning.

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Assassination Classroom Combat Tactics In Real Life – Nekodamashi and Bloodlust

Warning – This article contains spoilers. Please proceed at your own risk.

Assassination Classroom is about a loveable yellow humanoid tentacle creature who threatens to destroy the Earth in 1 year but he also decides to become a teacher of the E class at Kunugigaoka Middle School and thus the Assassination Classroom was born. Over the course of the story we see quite a few skills used by many different assassins, and are often adopted by Shiota Nagisa, the adorable blue-haired “trap” main character. It certainly is fun to watch how these skills are applied in the story and combined with his training in assassination he is able to topple very strong foes which makes for action packed scenes. I wonder, do these tactics actually work in real life? If they do, how will they fare? Here are the two skills that caught my attention.

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A Commentary about Anime Today (and Tomorrow) from a (Hopeful) Fan (Part 4 – Anime Industry)

I can go on to criticize anime all I want however, there are real world problems that have led to what I see as a decline of quality over the recent years. It’s not everyday you would stop and think about everything that goes into making, marketing and distributing Anime or ask yourself “why” Anime isn’t as great as it is meant to be. The reality is that the Industry is hitting speed bump after speed bump, and the question is, “How will the Anime Industry continue to thrive?”

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A Commentary about Anime Today from a Tired Fan (Part 3 – Source Material and Plot)

It’s easy to have a look at a shiny new Anime and when you have a look at the title and the plot description, it isn’t exactly appealing at all. The art looks decent enough so sure enough you give it a watch, and after watching it for 5 episodes or less, you drop it to your backlog where all the Anime you never finish go to perish. The show may have an amazing cast of characters with lovely design and outfits however, the story they are in is neither interesting nor captivating enough to have you go the distance.

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